Press Release

DATE: March 2009
RE: Repository News

Partnered Print Solutions (PPS) recently introduced a tamper evident cryodecal to seal boxes. 25, 81 or even 100 cryovials are effectively secured in boxes measuring 5”x5”x2” or 5”x5”x3”. This cross-shaped cryodecal wraps around the box and adheres to itself, even in liquid Nitrogen freezers, and does not risk damage to the box.

The freezer grade CryoDecal should be signed and dated on its sealed side with a Sharpie permanent marker. Once applied, a box cannot be opened without the CryoDecal being destroyed or revealing clear evidence of tampering. You may also add a preprinted company logo to aid in identification.

The speed of cycle counts and inventories is dramatically increased now that boxes can be verified at a glance rather than being opened and inspected. Since these cryodecals stick even in freezers, technician safety and speed are increased and fully protect the integrity of specimen collections since removal from the freezer is no longer necessary.

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