Products Overview


Using years of industry experience, Partnered Print Solutions developed a unique label with proprietary construction designed to remain in freezers for long term storage. Combined with the highest quality resin ribbon, these thermal transfer labels can be printed and applied to previously frozen cryovials. Today, it is used on six continents and in countless freezers. Whether you are a repository, government agency, university or in the private sector and require labels that accurately identify an irreplaceable specimen, you cannot take chances with an unproven product. After all, labeling is only effective when the label sticks to anything, at any temperature…forever!

Your requirement is undoubtedly as unique as you are, yet you need not reinvent a proven solution. Many label sizes already exist for select cryovials and other items. Although many Thermal Printers have individual specifications for labels and ribbon rolls, we never require you to use only our ribbon, labels, media, or printers. As a result, you may rely on us to expertly recommend a solution tailored for your existing printer, scanner and software. Let us consult with you to fully understand your application prior to recommending a product to best fit your requirement. Avoid the downfalls and dangers of trying unproven solutions; contact Partnered Print Solutions immediately!